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Different Definitions of Irony You Need to Know about

Every day as you interact with people or conduct your business, communication is always a central part of that process. However, you have to be good at communication thing if you are to be understood well. You also have to learn different communication styles that are there so that you can express yourself well. Learning the different styles can be very important especially if you are writing a book or you are a performer with many people looking at you. Irony is one of the communication styles you have to learn which involves saying the opposite of what you mean. Discussed here are some of the different definitions of irony.

One of the commonly used ironies is the dramatic irony. This irony defined as the difference between what people perceive to be true and what the character being displayed believes to be true. They most places you find dramatic irony used is the books and also in movies. There are many benefits of using dramatic irony especially in literature, for instance, it will help you create suspense in what you are passing by, it can also create tension, empathy, but can also create comedy.

There is also they situational irony that is commonly used in different places and we might also be using it daily. This defines what is happening and it is where you say the opposite of what has actually happened. The situational irony is based on occurrences or outcomes because you had an outcome in mind but opposite orbit as happened but you use what you had initially in your mind to define what is happened. In real life, this type of irony is used a lot but also commonly used in most of the writings. There are many examples you can look at when it comes to situational irony for instance, when you go to one hotel and you are served the opposite of what you ordered and you say it is exactly what you ordered for. Because of this, situational irony is also known as the irony of events.

You should also be aware of the verbal irony which is a very common type of irony used. In verbal irony, is where the person says the opposite of what they are really meaning the statement. Most of the times people use verbal irony as sarcasm in the statement and you can easily and edify it. It is therefore important that you learn different definitions in different types of irony so that you can use them appropriately for the right purpose to avoid embarrassing yourself.

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