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How to Get the Preppy Look

There are more people interested in how the preppy style gives them a fresh look. IT has the reputation of being the choice style for those who come from well to do families. It is light enough to be appliance all summer long. Those who are young find it highly desirable. There are quite many brands that have specialized in the manufacture of this type of clothing, such as Castaway Nantucket Island. They epitomize what the style stands for. They shall, therefore, get you the right look when you wish to be seen as preppy. Their website shall have a wide selection of outfits that bring about this look best.

The term preppy is a mash-up of the words ‘pre-college preparatory’ schools, which the children from well-off families in the upper states of the US attend. It is a style that has been there for long but has of late gotten mode exposed. Apart from the clothes, there is a culture that blends with it. There are also a few famous people who subscribe to it, which has raised its profile. Even in the world of fashion and design, there shall be collection on the runways that depict this style. It denotes a person with wealth and sophistication, who is also young. In terms of sports, it is associated with the more elite among those, such as tennis and sailing. Football and rugby for example do not manage to showcase it as intended.
Men wishing to get into this trend can do so when they combine a button-down collar shirt that has subtle stripes, with a lightweight blazer. There are certain themes that shall come across, depending on what you choose. If you are aiming for the ocean theme, you may want to keep the color choices mostly blue. You can also make a bolder statement, depending on what you add on top of these choices. The sweater added is not meant to be worn but to be tired to the shoulders.

Polo shirts are a must in this style. You cannot afford to wear any less crisp one. You will also combine them with brogues or boat shoes. There are more clothes ideas online, to help you establish your preppy look. Your choices must remain crisp at all times, and the look clean. The fit of these clothes has to be exact. You must achieve the image of tailor-made clothes.

There will be more choices for items such as varsity jackets, blazers, college sweatshirts, knitwear, shirts, and pants on their website. You will also find accessories that work best to help you maintain the look.

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